Monday, November 17, 1997

My trip actually began in Cancun, but I blasted down to Belize immediately, since I had already traveled in that part of Mexico. The photo show will begin in Belize.

Illegally scanned map

The light-blue line depicts my route through the region, traveling clockwise.

I spent my first night in Playa Del Carmen. I had been there 2 years before and enjoyed it very much. This time, however, prices had increased by about 50%, as did the size of the town. The beach is still fantastic, though, and the electrical wires that were previously strung around town propped up with 2 by 4's were mostly on proper poles. I think it is still an enjoyable town, for someone who hasn't already been there. Personally, though, I wasn't interested. Aside from an evening dip in the ocean, I really didn't do much but recover from my flight.

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