Tuesday, May 9, 2000

As much as I hate to fly, I must admit that the flight over Mexico was pretty spectacular. Everyone should have the opportunity to see Baja from the air. On the approach you can see endless miles of unspoiled beaches in either direction. No high-rises in sight, not even any houses.

We arrived at San Jose del Cabo airport about 1:30 p.m. Hotter than hell. The shuttle to San Jose cost $8 each for the 10-mile ride - robbery! There arenít any public transportation alternatives available.

Hotel Diana

Found a room at the Hotel Diana for $22, recommended in our "Moon Guide." Not bad for the money. After a long siesta, we decided to go for a walk, and the manager stopped us on our way out. It seems he needed to climb through our window because he locked himself out of somewhere. I understood his Spanish, but thought that I must have misunderstood this unusual request. He seemed very grateful, though, as he walked across the extra bed and out our window!

Tom hams it up

We tried to find the estuary trail we had read about, but ended up walking down a hot, dusty dirt road to the beach at Puebla la Playa about 2 km or so instead. We bought a couple beers and located a trash can to dispose of our empties. A few minutes later we saw someone emptying the trash can into the ocean! Oh well. We got to see little kids body surf in rough seas and teenagers grope each other by the pangas (boats). We both got splashed by sneaky waves. Drank a couple more cervezas and walked another km or 2 down the beach along the estuary to the Hotel Presidente, where an employee ran us off.

Looking down the beach from Puebla la Playa

We ate dinner at a little hole in the wall across from our hotel, Pasteleria las Tres Leches. This would become one of our favorite dining establishments! It's a tiny place with few customers, but the prices, as well as the food, were very Mexican! We took a long nap afterward. Mexico makes us sleepy.

The colorful Pasteleria las Tres Leches

We took another long walk in the evening along the plaza and residential shopping area (mercado), which was very interesting for people-watching. The town really comes alive after it cools off in the evening. Finished off the day with some killer margaritas at Xochimilco Sabor Mexico restaurant before retiring.

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