Thursday, May 11, 2000

Another wonderful breakfast at the diner across from our hotel! We had to lay back down for about an hour before walking to the bus terminal to catch the 14:00 bus to Pichilingue, 15 pesos each. Saw a store called "Titty's" on the walk to the malecon to catch the bus.


We spent a wonderful day at the beach - Our Beach. First we tried to figure out the SEMATUR ferry departures to no avail, so we crossed the street to the Restaurant Bellavista. Lunch consisted of beers & jalapeno chips. The restaurant employed a couple of the cutest kids on earth, presumably to sucker people like us. The little girl wore her mom's sandals, and the boy was wearing a "Pikachu" hat. Mexico has some of the cutest kids on the planet.

"Moon Witch"

Pichilingue beach had two palapa bars/restaurants and two beach bums (us). The water was gorgeous and calm, and we found a ton of shells. A snorkeler floated by at one point, and a couple pulled in on a personal water craft for a beer, but for the most part the place was ours. The name of our palapa bar was Luna Bruja (Moon Witch). The proprietor watched soaps and game shows while we swam and drank Pacifico. We actually found a broom in the water - advertising?

Our Beach

Pelicans piloting a panga in Pichilingue

We had dinner at Bellavista. We Tried to get margaritas, but were told "no." Apparently just the locals can order them, as there were other people there enjoying them. Ended up with beer.

The ferry

Boarded the ferry just before 10:00 p.m. Our cabin was ¡¡especial!! - sitting room, large bathroom, and decent-size bedroom! There was a TV with VCR, but we didn't check out any movies. The salon class passengers looked pretty miserable; it's set up like airplane seating - yuck. The bar did not appear to be open, but we had brought our own. Not a terribly rough cruise, but not exactly smooth sailing either.


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