Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Caught a 10:30 a.m. bus to Chihuahua. At one stop, a Tarahumara woman got off the bus and pulled out the biggest breast in the world and started feeding her baby while facing the bus. Jana never really got used to this custom.

The bus stopped in Cuauhtemoc for five minutes for a lunch/drink/pee break. A mariachi band boarded the bus and serenaded everyone for a while until we paid 10 pesos to make them stop and they got back off the bus.

Chihuahua bus station

Neither of us were much excited by our first look at Chihuahua. We became even less excited when we saw our options for getting to Durango, night buses or super-early departures. We opted to escape to Hidalgo de Parral on the 5:00 p.m. bus.

We arrived in Parral at 8:00 p.m. and managed to wander in the correct direction of the town plaza, where we wanted to find the Hotel Acosta. When we got close, we asked for directions, and the guy walked us part way and then passed us to another guy who walked us to the door - Nice folks! Got a room for 176 pesos on the third floor that overlooked the plaza. There was a roof terrace just up the stairs from us with an awesome view of the city. No a/c, but the ceiling fan made it nice. The friendly bellman showed us several rooms and let us choose and then brought us water and a TV.

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