Saturday, May 20, 2000

We slept great!! The ocean breeze through the window and the sound of the waves made for perfect snoozing conditions.

A couple of views from our balcony

We walked north along the malecon a few miles, stopping along the way at all the observation platforms and sculptures that adorn that section of Mazatlan’s 20+ mile malecon. We climbed up to the platform that the crazy divers dive off of. It's 45 feet above the surface and they dive into 6-foot-deep water!

Tom and Jana

It got pretty hot, so we bought beers as we walked, which helped. We eventually turned inland toward the old city center. We got lost a couple times, but it was interesting. The architecture of Old Mazatlan is pretty interesting. We passed a cool lime green church with a dome, and many of the houses had nice balconies. It is interesting to note the priorities of many Mexicans. No matter how run-down a house looks, you are likely to see a TV satellite dish, and most vehicles have sound systems of greater value than the vehicle itself.

We caught a local bus to the ferry terminal to buy our tickets for the next day’s departure to La Paz. We walked back to the hotel from the there and played on the beach a short time on the way.

The Ferry to La Paz

After a siesta, we then caught an open-air taxi to the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone). We saw a cliff diver on the way. Arrived at the Zona Dorada just in time to watch the sunset from the beach - beautiful of course!

A sailboat blocks our view of the setting sun

We walked a few blocks and kept getting accosted by trinket hucksters. Neither of us found this too enjoyable, so we decided to just eat supper and escape. A group of six drunk Americans came in after us and defined "Ugly American" for us. They acted like frat boys and girls but were at least our age. The girls got up and danced to YMCA in front of the restaurant.

We’d had plenty of Zona Dorada, so after we ate, we caught a bus to central and walked back to the hotel. We love our hotel even more after witnessing "Golden Zone" hell. Played a game of Dodg’em waves at high tide on the walk from central, and I got soaked big time! We spent the remainder of the evening watching the young couples rubbing each other’s bellies across the street on the malecon.

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