Sunday, May 21, 2000

Checked out of our room and killed a little time drinking beers at a cool seafood place next door. We sat outside, but we noticed that inside the restaurant, the bar was actually an old boat built into the restaurant in such a way that you did a double take as you walked by - Cool. Grabbed a taxi to the ferry terminal where we tried to order some margaritas in the lounge. Other people in the lounge were drinking them, but again, they told us they didnít have them. I donít get this "only for locals" policy that we keep running into. Maybe my Spanish is just that bad.

A view from our walk to the ferry terminal

From the ship we could see Mazatlan's lighthouse, which is supposedly the second tallest in the world at 515 feet. This figure obviously includes the hill itís on, because the lighthouse itself is just a tiny stub.

Look close and you can spot the huge lighthouse

We took cabina class this time, and it was less special than especial, but not too bad, especially compared to the airline-style seating in salon class! The heat was brutal in the cabin, though, so we hung out outside a lot until dark. Mazatlan looked very pretty from the sea. We decided tonight was the night to drink the pint of Jack Danielís we'd carried around since Atlanta. We drank the Jack and watched the sunset. Later we saw a meteor shower.

Go Vols!!!

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