Tuesday, May 23, 2000

After breakfast at a place called "Oye Coma Va," we decided against hiking to Landís End and Playa del Amor and took a water taxi instead. Itís just too damn hot here to hike. One of the street accosters lured us into the harbor to hire a panga. Finally one of these guys had something to offer that we actually wanted! The whole trip cost $10 each plus tip. Totally worth it. Our guide, Abraham, spoke good English and pointed out for us such landmarks as El Arco, Roca Pelicanos, Baja rock, and a rock that looks like Scooby-doo.

Roca Pelicanos

Our skipper, Johnny, seemed experienced enough, but made me nervous as he motored right over some scuba divers. (Fortunately no deaths or injuries.) We got off the boat for a few minutes at Loverís Beach, where we walked to the Pacific side. Jana scraped her chin getting back in the boat and was glad to have landed a husband before becoming "horribly disfigured."

El Arco (obvious) and Scooby-doo (left)

Playa del Amor

The formation on the left looks like Baja if you invert your computer

After cooling off at our hotel, we hiked over to where the bus station in town was supposed to be, but it was no longer there. (Seems to be a trend in Mexico.) I asked directions from a guy soliciting donations for an old folksí home in the middle of the highway, and he ended up hailing a private bus for us.

The bus we got on was on its way back to San Jose del Cabo without passengers. It was a bus used to haul gringos around for "the grand tour" while trying to sell time-share property. The guide, Raul, and driver, Juaro, gave us a memorable demonstration of Mexican hospitality. They stopped and bought beer on the way out of Cabo San Lucas and then shared their "after-work ritual" with us - viva Mexico!

We stayed at Hotel Diana again in San Jose. It was deadly, brutally hot outside. We stayed in our room until about six, and it was still hot outside. We shopped a little and bought a ceramic Baja sunshine. We noticed from the start of the trip that the San Jose del Cabo sunshines were superior to mainland ceramic sunshines.

We drank some wonderful margaritas at Xochimilco, but it was too expensive to eat there. Instead, we dined on burritos with mustard at Pasteleria las Tres Leches. Sounds gross, but they were very good! Itís the best place to eat in town unless you want to spend $20 each for a meal (and it's probably still the best!)

Oh, no! Pirates!

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