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16 romantic days in Baja, Copper Canyon, and Northern Mexico

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 Day 1   San Jose del Cabo
 Day 2   San Jose - La Paz
 Day 3   La Paz - Sea of Cortez ferry
 Day 4   Sea of Cortez ferry - El Fuerte
 Day 5   Copper Canyon Train: El Fuerte - Creel
 Day 6   Into the Canyon: Creel - Batopilas
 Day 7   Batopilas - Creel
 Day 8   Creel - Chihuahua - Hidalgo de Parral
 Day 9   Hidalgo de Parral - Torreon
 Day 10  Torreon - Durango
 Day 11  Durango - Mazatlan
 Day 12  Mazatlan
 Day 13  Mazatlan - Sea of Cortez
 Day 14  Sea of Cortez - La Paz - Cabo San Lucas
 Day 15  Cabo San Lucas - San Jose del Cabo
 Day 16  San Jose del Cabo


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