Thursday, March 8, 2001

Today's mystery side item with breakfast was an apple. Okay, not so mysterious, but it was peeled and sliced, and you never know, it could have been a big giant radish. They like those here.

We checked out of our ryokan and went outside. It was snowing! It was time to say goodbye to Nagasaki, and that was too bad. Nagasaki rules!

We took the local express to Hakata and caught the shinkansen for Yokohama. We didn't have reserved seats this time, but it ended up not being a problem getting an unreserved seat. There weren't that many people riding at that end of the line, and by the time it got more crowded, we already had our places staked out.

Rural Japan

Most of the day was pretty hazy and overcast, which we thought was unfortunate since this would be the fourth and last time for us to pass Mt. Fuji and we'd yet to get a decent photo. But then by the time we got to Fuji-san, it had cleared up! We snapped a bunch of pics, hard to do while riding by in a rocket, but a few of them turned out pretty good.


We ate at McDonald's for the third and final time of the trip outside of Shin-Yokohama station, and we headed back to Traci's. Mark had to go to England a few days before, so he wasn't there. We took the subway and got back about 7:00 p.m.

Silly cars

After resting and recovering a bit from the journey, we took a walk down the street to a place Traci and Amanda said had good views of the city. We passed the Foreigners' Cemetery, which was pretty spooky in the dark, then we got sidetracked and ended up in Chinatown. We goofed around and then went in a liquor store and bought an airplane-bottle of Japanese whiskey. One little airplane bottle between the two of us may not sound like much, but believe me, it was plenty. Japanese whiskey is nasty!

Tom and Pikachu pal

We walked back up the steepest hill in the world and then found our way to where we were supposed to be in the first place, Harbour View Park. There were indeed good views of the city. But it was cold and we were afraid Traci would think we were hopelessly lost since we'd been gone so long, so we went back. It took me about two hours to defrost. Fortunately, Mark and Traci have heated toilet seats, so that helpled.

Yokohama from the Foreigners' Cemetery

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