Welcome to Tom and Jana’s 2011
Kruger Park, South Africa Travel Journal!

A two-week trip to South Africa, including eight days in Kruger National Park, and a drive along the Panorama Route, at the Blyde River Canyon.

This trip to Africa was far easier than our previous 4x4 adventure through Botswana. Instead of a tiny camper, each night we had a comfy cabin to stay in, with real beds and full kitchens! Tom's mother, Linda, had wanted to visit Africa for a very long time. Instead of an organized tour, we decided that the best way for her to visit Africa was to take her there ourselves! Kruger offered just what we needed: The best assortment of wildlife in all of Africa, roads that you can drive in a car, and decent lodging. Kruger exceeded all our expectations.

Use the links below to follow us on our wild and wonderful trip to the Dark Continent! (Dark, we found out, because of the widespread use of CFL lightbulbs.)

Tom and Jana

Linda at the Tropic of Capricorn

Kruger cats

May 29               Johannesburg (Kempton Park) to Malelane
May 30               Malelane to Talamati Bush Camp
May 31               Game Drives from Talamati
June 1                 Orpen Area and Sunset Drive
June 2                 Game Driving Near Satara Rest Camp
June 3                 Talamati to Letaba Rest Camp
June 4                 Game Drives Around Letaba
June 5                  Letaba to Bateleur Bush Camp
June 6                 Game Drives from Bateleur
June 7                 Bateleur to Graskop via the Panorama Route
June 8                 Graskop to Johannesburg to Tennessee

- Videos, maps, and Web design by Tom
- Text and photos by Jana
- Photos of Jana by Linda

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