September 2, 2001

We drove toward Seneca Rocks in the morning. Several miles into West Virgina, near Franklin, we came across a farm with some unusual sculptures in the front yard. The sculptures were constructed from scrap metal and other materials, and Death was always the theme. We stopped for some pictures, and as we pulled away we saw a guy (apparently the artist) near an outbuilding. He smiled a big West Virginia smile as we pulled away. Glad we didn't break down there.

Creepy Sculptures of Death

It was lunch time, and restaurants were few and far between. We were getting desperate, but yet Jana drove right past a fine-dining opportunity called "Fat Boy's Pork Palace" - How picky! We ended up at a less stylish place called "Fox's Pizza/Homestyle Chicken."

After lunch we continued to Spruce Knob, which is the highest point in West Virginia. We heard voices above us when we were at the highest point and looked up and saw several hang-gliders. It was a beautiful day, and they were having a ball!

Seneca Rocks

Next we continued to Seneca Rocks, which was really, really cool and one of the high points of the trip. I'm glad they put it out in the middle of nowhere so that it's not ruined by crowds, although there were a bunch of Euro-hippies there this day. We hiked about an hour to the top, and then we spent about another hour or so crawling around clinging to the rocks. It was great!

Vertical Limit

We spent the night at an Econolodge in Winchester, Virginia. We got in late and ended up eating at Denny's.

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