September 4, 2001

The Capitol

We drove this morning to New Carrolton and caught the Metro for our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. We exited Federal Center SW station and had lunch at a Korean luncheon with American food. We walked the mall and photographed the Capitol and visited the Air & Space Museum.

Coolest Thing in D.C.!

Jana wanted to go up in the Washington Monument, but it was closed for restoration - What's to restore? The place is made of granite block! So we just took a photo of the big obelisk and moved on. It was getting hot. We saw the Vietnam Memorial and visited President Lincoln.

Closed for Renovations

We then made another big trek over to Georgetown and saw the Watergate on our way. We drank a couple of beers at Chadwick's, then we walked across the bridge and caught the Metro at Roslyn. (Georgetown is too good to have a Metro station in their part of town; they prefer to walk across the bridge to Arlington and catch it.)


We drove the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to Odenton and planned to take back roads from there. THEY MOVED EVERYTHING! All my roads are gone, replaced by ones I don't know how to use. There was a stupid Bass Pro Shop that appeared to have it's own exit where nature was supposed to be.

We got to the Inner Harbor Holiday Inn in Baltimore ( - $50) before 8:00p.m. We got some take-out subs at a little hole-in-the-wall place within a block of our hotel and then watched TV. We were tired from D.C. Great room! Awesome cheese steaks - best Jana ever had!

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