September 5, 2001

Since we were too tired to use the facilities the previous night, we began this day with sauna and swimming. Sauna is boring - What are you supposed to do in there? There should at least be a TV. But swimming was fun. We left our car at the hotel and set out again today on foot.

The World-Famous Bromo Seltzer Tower

We had some massive gyros for lunch at Harborplace. Then Jana wanted to go on a harbor tour, and it was very cool. We went out just past Ft. McHenry, where the Star-Spangled Banner was written. We also saw a cool looking Ukranian Orthodox Church.

View from the Harbor

After the tour, we walked to Fell's Point. We were able to walk the waterfront the whole way, avoiding streets, and there were fish everywhere, statues of fish that is. Apparently Baltimore is doing this thing where they have different businesses and organizations "sponsor" a fish statue, and then they will be auctioned off sometime soon for charity. Anyway, it was kind of amusing. (Check them all out at

Mmm... Fish!

Fell's Point is really a nighttime party area, but alas, we were there in the day. We had a couple of drinks at Crabby Dicks and chatted it up with a funny gay bartender.

Fell's Point

We walked back to the Red Rocket at the Holiday Inn and ended up with sunburns. Our reservations tonight were at the Holiday Inn West. It was rush hour, and I let Jana drive. It wasn't that bad; you just have to drive like you have a purpose. This hotel had a pool too, but they closed it at Labor Day. It was a beautiful, warm day and only two days after Labor Day. We were annoyed. The ice machine was so far away that after the first time we finally located it, we ended up driving to it later for ice. We got some take-out Chinese food and dropped half of it on the ground. I hate when that happens.

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