September 6, 2001

Today we did some of my memorable drives around Baltimore. We ate lunch at Friendly's in Towson, decided by first available place to relieve ourselves, and had some mediocre Reubens.

The Thomas Viaduct

We crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge by 3:00 p.m., drove across Delaware in a couple of hours, and stayed at the Sand Palace Motel in Dewey Beach ($49). We were less than a block from the beach, and the pool was open!

Jana Claims the Atlantic

We went over to the beach for a while and played around, but we only went in about calf deep due to all the shark attacks this year. There hadn't yet been an attack at this particular beach, but why be the first? We saw lots of jellyfish, but no sharks. Then we went to the pool and went swimming. We got some pizza and margaritas for dinner, and then went and played by the ocean again in the moonlight. Very awesome night.

Tom Defies the Sharks

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