September 7, 2001

We loaded up the Red Rocket and drove down the remaining Delaware coast. A short time later we crossed into Maryland into the horrible mass of humanity that is Ocean City - Thank God we didn't stay here last night. High rises and t-shirt/ sunglasses shops not unlike Florida.

Ocean City

We stopped and walked a couple of blocks along the boardwalk, but since fun is apparently illegal here, we didn't stay long.

Fun Prohibited

Since we escaped Ocean City before eating lunch, we thought we might be out of luck for lunch today. But then we came acorss a random crab shack in the middle of nowhere, Trappe Creek, Berlin, Maryland, and ended up with some awesome subs. We got them take-out and picnicked at a nearby park.

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

We drove south down the Delmarva penninsula and took in some sights on the way. We visited the Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge on the Assategue Island National Seashore. This is where the famous tiny little Chincotegue horses come from. We meandered on and off some side roads for a couple of hours, then we went to the beach again at Cape Charles, Virginia.

Jana Conquers a Small Island in the Chesapeake Bay

Finally it was time to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, a 17-mile engineering wonder connecting Virginia to Virginia! We were both creeped out by driving underwater, but it worked out okay. We stopped for a while on one of the man-made islands and watched a container ship pass through the channel under which we had just driven.

A Ship Passes Over the Tunnel

Tonight we stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in Chesapeake, Virginia (Priceline, $35), best deal ever! While folks with ties spent their Friday night in a meeting just off the lobby, we swam in the indoor pool and used the whirlpool. Ha Ha - it's great to be on vacation! We went for dinner at an Irish pub chain, Kelley's, and both ordered the fajitas. The salsa was very ketchup-like and not fit to eat, but the meat was excellent. Then we went back and swam and whirlpooled some more. Awesome!

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