Friday July 23, 2004

South Haven has a beautiful beach, but when we visited, a cold front had moved in. It was about 65 degrees and extremely windy. We were cold. Apparently the Michigoniacs thought it was great beach weather though. They were swimming around in Lake Michigan, and I overheard two ladies talking about how great it was that it was finally cool enough to go outside. Honestly, until today, the weather had been very mild. We walked out to the lighthouse on the pier with great care, remembering the stories Mike and Connie told us last night about people being swept off into the lake on windy days, never to be seen again.

South Haven beach and pier

In the afternoon we did a small portion of the Southern Michigan Wine Trail, local wineries Karma Vista and Tabor Hill. Karma Vista had wine tasting and sales only, but Tabor Hill also offered a mini-tour. The Tabor Hill wines are great. We recommend the Classic Demi-Red and the American Merlot.

We had dinner at Santaniello's Restaurant and Pizzaria in Stevensville, a fantastic Italian restaurant. Tom used to work there years ago, when the restaurant went by the more modest name of Glenlord's Pizza.

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