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Perú & Bolivia Journal!

Three amazing weeks exploring two facinating countries.

The origional purpose of our trip was strictly scientific: We were to study the directional flow (or more scientifically, the "swirl") of water in the southern hemisphere, test the combined effects of altitude and alcohol, and analyze current airport security practices.

The results of our data have not yet been compiled, but when they are, we will post the results right here on this website. In the meantime, read about the lighter side of our adventure!

Click the map to zoom in on our route.
Our route is in blue.


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 Day 1   Knoxville to Atlanta to Lima, Peru
 Day 2   Lima to Arequipa
 Day 3   Arequipa
 Day 4   Arequipa to Puno
 Day 5   Puno to La Paz, Bolivia
 Day 6   La Paz
 Day 7   La Paz / Tiwanaku
 Day 8   Into the Jungle: La Paz to Coroico
 Day 9   Up the Mountain: Coroico to La Paz
 Day 10  La Paz
 Day 11  La Paz to Puno, Peru
 Day 12  Puno to Cusco
 Day 13  Cusco
 Day 14  The Sacred Valley
 Day 15  Cusco
 Day 16  Machu Picchu
 Day 17   Cusco
 Day 18   Cusco to Lima (Barranco)
 Day 19   Lima to Atlanta
 Day 20   Atlanta to Knoxville


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