Welcome to Tom Goetz's
Spain Photo Journal!

A photogaphic documentary of my November 17-30, 1998
European Adventure

Stolen Map

Above is a map of the route; traveling counter-clockwise


Beer Machine! Spanish coins only, please.

Grab a beer and let's get started!

Beers are on the right, Sodas available on the left.

Day 1         Arriving in Madrid
Day 2         Touring Madrid
Day 3         A day in Toledo
Day 4         Museum day in Madrid
Day 5         A day in Lisbon
Day 6         Traveling to southern Portugal
Day 7         Lagos/ Algarve
Day 8         Traveling Across the Algarve
Day 9         A day in Seville
Day 10       Day tour of Tangier
Day 11       Day trip to Gibraltar
Day 12       Evening in Granada
Day 13       A day in Granada
Day 14       Going home.

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