Friday, November 20, 1998



Mmmmmm, ham. Ham-Goya, Goya-Ham... I don't know which I liked more.


The lousy connections from Toledo put me back in Madrid for another full day. This worked out pretty well since I needed a full day to visit the Museo del Prado. Though I am not an avid art connoisseur, I was truly impressed with this collection of El Greco, Velazquez, Murillo, etc. My favorite exhibit in the Museo del Prado was Goya's "Black Paintings". What a freak! Even his "normal" paintings made me crack a smile. At left is one of my favorites:

"Saturn Devouring one of His Sons"


I didn't take any pictures today, but I swiped some from the internet to fill this page.

If you wont be in Madrid any time soon, you can check out the web site: Museo del Prado



I had dinner at another museum, the Museo de Jamon (Ham Museum). What a trip! Thousands of hams and swine entrails hanging around the place, and the best prices for food I have found so far. Here's a link to their website: Museo del Jamon


sjamon.jpg WIDTH=374 HEIGHT=230

I bar-hopped my way back to Atocha station, where I collected my stored luggage. Then I caught the Metro to Chamartin station, where I would catch my night train to Lisbon. I'm totally choking on my Spanish, so Portugal may be a nightmare. People aren't so anxious to talk to you here as in Latin America, but they are nice, and not a fake French nice. I'm getting just a little lonely.

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