Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Staying in Huelva turned out to be the right decision. When I arrived in Seville on the early bus, I realized that it would have been far too big to navigate at night trying to find accommodations.

Seville is a pretty town with lots of parks, and my plan was to store my luggage for the day, and see as many sights as possible before catching an afternoon bus to Algeciras.

One of the attractions that I had wanted to see was the cathedral, supposedly the largest Gothic structure in the world. I didn't make it there, though I did catch a glimpse of it on the bus. It too was surrounded with scaffolding, so I suppose I didn't miss much.


The Alcazar, from Alcazar Gardens

I wandered past the Alcazar, which seemed to go on and on. By early afternoon, I had pretty much had enough of Seville and urban areas in general.


A cool building in Seville

The 1:00 p.m. bus passed through Jerez, which is known for its production of Sherry. I was not impressed. Lunch was in a small, white, mountain town whose name I do not recall. Possibly Vejer de la Frontera. While the meal itself was nothing special, the village was quite charming.


The village where I had lunch

I arrived in Algeciras about 5:00 p.m. Algeciras appeared to be a big, dumpy port city, but the city center was actually pretty nice. The hash peddlers, prostitutes, muggers, and bums mostly hang out by the port, which I was obligated to check out in order to explore my options to visit Tangier.

I found sleeping accomidations for 3 nights at Hostal Levante (Duque de Almodovar, 21)

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