Saturday, November 28, 1998

I caught an early bus to Granada, traveling along the Costa del Sol as far as Malaga before turning north and crossing the Sierra Nevada. I arrived in Granada about 3:30 p.m.

Outside the bus station I saw a couple of backpackers tapping a compass an examining a tiny map. I offered to let them look at my map, and found that we were all headed in the same direction. We walked into the city center together, as they were looking to board in an area near where I had planned to stay.

We compared stories about our travels to Guatemala. It seems they did nearly the exact same route in '92 that I did last year. They were planning a trip to the States in the near future, and had plenty of questions for me. It seems that in Holland, all they hear about our country is Monica Lewinsky, Jerry Springer, and gang-related crime. I guess they couldn't wait to experience it all for themselves! They moved on after I found suitable accommodations for myself. (Hostal Los Girasoles)


A church around the corner from my hostal

I set out for a long walk during the evening, my main goal being to find a place to send e-mail. I ended up on a college campus in San Anton in a loud, smoky, way-too-hip bar with coin-operated computers. I sent my e-mail, and even stayed for a few extra beers. I noticed that most of the other patrons were logged on to chatrooms, and I wondered if some of them might be chatting with each other.

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