Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Jana, BK and Stine activated their Britrail Flex Passes at the airport and took the train to Victoria Station to meet me. Fortunately, we had a printed a map of Victoria from the Internet from which Jana and I had selected a meeting point, so getting together went without a hitch. I had taken the tube to Victoria from Heathrow and had downed several cups of coffee before they arrived.

We hopped on a double-decker bus so we could catch the sights on the way and headed to King’s Cross to catch the 12:00 train to York. I kind of like London. It was the first city I ever visited in Europe, so I've always compared it with cities I've visited in the USA. The rest of the gang had visited Belgium and Holland a couple of times before, and tended to make their comparisons of London to other European cities. By that standard, I guess London does kind of suck.

One of the silly little Euro-cars I photographed on this trip

We boarded our northbound train at King's Cross station. The train was pretty full, so Stine and BK found seats in non-smoking and Jana and I sat in smoking. Stine and BK missed a lot of weirdos! An old British couple (in their 60’s) sat across from us, and I don’t think they’d ever left their homes before. They had hard-sided luggage which they kept out on the table between them the entire trip, and they kept losing stuff and crawling around on the floor looking for it. Mostly the old man kept losing the filter for his cigarette. The umpteenth time he lost it he engaged in a massive search, only to find it later in his pocket. At one stop, a drunk old man got on the train and lucky for us sat in our car. He kept calling out in a loud voice for his friend "Lynn" to come over and sit by him. Apparently Lynn is invisible, because no one else could see or hear this person!

We got off the train in York, a very quaint little city, and walked all around trying to find a decent B&B before returning to the train station and having the tourist office book us a place. We stayed at Aaron Guest House, 42 Bootham Crescent - £20 each for BK and Stine’s ensuite room, £18 each for our non-ensuite room.

The Shambles

We ate dinner at "The Hole in the Wall." It was very cool and had good (really) traditional English grub. Stine then went back to the B&B while the rest of us walked around and had a few more pints.

The Hole in the Wall Pub

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