Saturday, October 2, 1999

We split up from BK and Stine. They wanted to do some shopping, and I wanted Jana to show me around the city some more. It was a very a rainy day.

We walked to the Hemp Museum, but we didnít go through it. I pointed out a very old man with a marijuana umbrella and just thought it was absolutely hilarious. Lots of people carry them, even businessmen in their best suits. Somehow the old man just seemed the funniest.

An old man with a marijuana umbrella

We walked to the Ann Frank museum, but we didnít go through it because of the huge line. I think I read enough about it from the travel books and brochures anyway. We wanted to find an Internet cafe and finally did. It was in a converted church at Niew Market. We went in, but it looked all stuffy and quiet, so we didnít stay. We went to an Irish pub instead.

We were wandering around when it began to pour down rain. Luckily we were able to duck into a coffee shop. It was a much needed respite from the rain, but the techno music they play in all these places is way too much. It could give a person a heart attack.

The rain stopped and we headed out. We were walking down one of their busy, busy pedestrian thoroughfares near Dam Square trying to do some shopping and we got separated. We have an arrangement that if we ever become separated, we are to meet up at the last place we saw each other. Sounds good in theory, but we waited in two different places about a block apart for half an hour before expanding our search area far enough to find each other. There are just too many people in this city!

What, me worry?

We met back up with BK and Stine and caught the bus to the Ijmuden ferry terminal. It was a blustery, rough North Sea crossing and Stine was fairly ill. She shared her dizziness medicine with the rest of us though, so we ended up being okay. They had to change the shipís route it was so rough. I went drinking and wandering again out on the deck, which made Jana worry (oops!) She thought Iíd blown over the edge into the ocean, but I had just been sitting on some steps outside appreciating the brutal forces of nature. The cabin was just a little claustrophobic for me, and nothing seemed more real at the time than to be out in the middle of the North Sea in bad weather. She might tell that story a little differently.

Madman on board!

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