Monday, October 4, 1999

After breakfast we caught a bus to the base of the hill below Edinburgh Castle and walked through a creepy old cemetery with huge tombstones on our walk up the hill.

The cemetery below the castle

We took a tour of the castle with a guide in a kilt. He was very corny and a lot of fun. Jana thinks the bobbies on their horsies are so cute! The views from the castle were pretty spectacular. We saw the Scottish crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny and some other stuff inside the castle, but outside the castle was the greatest.

Our castle tour guide (center) telling his stories

A view of Edinburgh and Arthur's Seat from the castle

Bobbie on her horsey

We walked down the hill a ways to the Scotch Whisky Heritage Center. They gave us a shot of Famous Grouse and sent us on a barrel ride explaining the history of the "water of life." The ride was hilarious. It was so slow that we could have crawled through the place faster. When you get off the ride, you end up in a bar/luncheria/gift shop. We ate and drank for a while, and then we never could drag Brian away from the place. It was BKís Holy Grail. BK is a Scotch nerd! Jana and I finally abandoned them and went on down the Royal Mile. I had been wanting to buy a camera case, but we found one right outside the Heritage Center - what luck.

We were looking for an ATM before starting our hike up Arthurís Seat, but we were running into some dead-ends. First we couldnít get into the bank, and then the ATM was broken. Finally Jana asked a lady in a flower shop, and she was more than delighted to be of assistance. Not only did she find us one, she found us one on the way to Arthurís Seat. She was so happy that there was one on our way! The lady stopped what she was doing, walked out of her shop, and showed us the way. She became our new best friend!

Arthur's Seat

Spent a couple hours hiking up Arthurís Seat and soaking up the views. They were spectacular! Jana claimed all of Scotland in the name of "Neighbours." It was very windy up there.

Jana claims Scotland from the top of Arthur's Seat

We met up with BK and Stine again for some Italian food and then went back to the B&B. Martin has a little bar in there, and Jana and BK and I had a couple drinks and listened to Martin tell about when he used to live in the Shetland Islands. What a rough and forbidding place that is! Martin called us a cab to take us to the train station in the morning.

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