Thursday, October 7, 1999

We woke up after our scheduled arrival time and realized we were nowhere near London. Nobody gave us any info, but it turned out that due to the same staff shortage, it took us five hours longer to get to London than scheduled. Brian and Stine were not served breakfast and there is no electricity in the lounge car. Oddly, it was the warmest car in the train. We still canít get any water. It was miserable.

Back in London, we tubed to Victoria. It was so crowded that BK and Stine couldnít squeeze on our train. They caught the next train and we luckily met back up with no problem. We booked a room down the street for £35 each. It wasnít bad. We all got ensuite this time.

We took a walk around to catch the usual tourist sights. We saw Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, Big Ben and loads of other stuff.

Picadilly Circus

Jana and BK's brother Mark had said that we just could not miss shopping at "Fortnum and Mason" department store. It was his favorite place he went to in London when he was there earlier in the year. Well, we went and it sucks. BK spent a lot of time in their Scotch department, but none of the rest of us got anything out of the experience.

We had a couple pints at a sports cafe before catching "The Phantom of the Opera" at Her Majestyís Theatre.

Phantom was awesome! We bought tickets on the Net well in advance and had scored front-row seats. Stineís seat was in the very center. The music was incredibly powerful. It was wonderful.

Her Majesty's Theatre

We ate dinner at an Indian restaurant after the show. It was good, and my dish was extremely hot. I could see the waiter chuckling at the tortured expression on my face. Took the tube back to Victoria and walked to our hotel. They keep the key at the front desk at the hotel, and the hotel employee was sleeping on the couch in the lobby waiting for us.

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