Wednesday, November 20, 1996

In the morning we took a minibus to Jaji, a small village high in the Andes. The road up is extremely precarious, and the driver was a maniac! There are six waterfalls along the way, and there are no bridges where the road crosses those streams. The water simply flows over the road, and you hold your breath and pray that you donít get washed over the cliff when you drive across.



The town of Jaji is charming. Everything is white, and pretty much the only industry is arts and crafts. The merchandise sells for practically nothing, so I did a bit of Christmas shopping. We met some more travelers there; three people from Denmark and a couple from Holland. They told us that Jaji was only one of many good daytrips from Merida.


Late Afternoon in the Andes from Jaji

We left that night on the overnight bus back to Valencia. The ticket agent ripped us off on the departure tax. Fortunately it was only a few cents. On the bus, we met a curious young Canadian couple who made a little fort in their seats with blankets. I wonder what they were doing in there?

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