Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Everything's bigger out West

This morning we took some time off from madly rushing sight to sight to sleep late and do some laundry.

Around noon Tom and I headed back to Glacier. Lake McDonald is especially gorgeous in the midday sun.

Lake McDonald

At the east end of the lake we visited the modest McDonald Falls and Sacred Dancing Cascade - pretty, but short. We started a hike and had gone maybe half a mile when we met a guy coming the other direction who told us there wasn't much to see, so we returned to our car.

McDonald Falls

Sacred Dancing Cascade

At the west end of Lake McDonald we turned north on Camas Road, exited the park, and followed Outside North Fork Road to the park entrance at Polebridge.

Canadian Road Chicken - The only wildlife of the day

Meadow, western Glacier National Park

From the entrance at Polebridge we drove a six-mile, very rough road to the idyllic, peaceful, BEAUTIFUL Bowman Lake. There is a campground at the end of the road, but not another person was in sight.

The Polebridge entrance to Glacier

Idyllic Bowman Lake

The much-needed lazy day ended with dinner at Pizza Hut back in Whitefish. I'm surprised we didn't see any wildlife today, save some birds (which don't generally count). We decided to stay in Whitefish one more night. 144 miles of wandering.


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