Saturday, May 12, 2012
Knoxville to Palo Alto, California

Having left Spike-dog (age 17 yrs, 4 mo) at camp yesterday afternoon and having locked Carlos-cat in the house this morning, we took off from Knoxville at 10:30 a.m., changed planes in Atlanta, and arrived at the San Francisco airport at 4:30 p.m. There we endured the world's slowest rental car check-in process with Fox Rent A Car, but finally we secured a little gray Chevy Cruze and drove to the Sheraton Palo Alto.

On arrival at the Sheraton, we had a mini Neighbors family reunion. My nephew Jacob attends Stanford University, so of course we'd made plans to visit him on our trip. Then my dad, Ed, and his wife, Joan, decided to time a roadtrip to California to coincide with our vacation and to meet us in Palo Alto. Also, my nephew Chris now lives in Los Angeles, and he was able to drive up and meet us as well! They were all waiting for Tom and me when we arrived at the hotel, along with Jacob's girlfriend, Ebony (Ebs).


Ebony and Jacob

The Sheraton is very nice. It's on El Camino Real, just off of Palm Drive, at the main entrance to Stanford University. Extra charges for parking, for wifi, for coffee. The nicer the hotel, the more extras you have to pay for! The grounds, however, are beautiful. We're staying two nights here.


Sheraton Courtyard


Fishes, see

Jake and Ebs had made dinner reservations at NOLA'S Restaurant & Bar in downtown Palo Alto, 535 Ramona Street. Great Cajun food and a super-fun atmosphere. I bet the bar really hops later on in the evening. I'm glad they'd made reservations, because downtown was packed. In fact, every restaurant was packed all weekend due to Mother's Day.

After dinner, we reconvened at our hotel and visited for a while. Dad and Joan and Tom and I have rooms at the Sheraton, and Chris is staying with Jacob at his apartment on campus. We made plans to meet for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Tom and I tried a new beer (for us) tonight, Gordon Biersch amber lager, made here in Palo Alto. It's excellent!


Joan, Chris, Ed, and Jake

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